Membership Prime Portal

$35.00 / month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

Thank you for showing interest in my exclusive content.

A. What do I get each month?

The objective of this membership is to teach financial advisors how to get leads online. The focus is LinkedIn but these techniques can be applied to Facebook and most other social media platforms.

Each month, members get:

  • Access to training videos. The videos are usually about 3-5 minutes long.
  • Two exclusive membership workshops. These are highly interactive and reinforce the skills.
  • Weekly members’ newsletter with exclusive content.
  • Ability to message me, Sara, over LinkedIn messenger once a day and ask questions
  • Access my exclusive members-only LinkedIn group
  • My e-books for free
  • Extras such as ROI /Profitability analyzer, Prospect tracker, Results sheet

B. What are the videos about?

These videos are laser-focused on one thing: digital lead generation for financial advisors.

Categories include:

  • Messaging and sequences
  • Your online brand
  • Your LinkedIn profile page
  • Blogging and social media posts
  • Crisis communication
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Google traffic strategies
  • Newsletter strategies
  • Tactics to use with reporters, podcasters, and other influencers

C. How is this different from the other memberships?

This membership was designed for financial advisors who want to get leads from the internet without the BS.

The difference is me, Sara Grillo. This is my exclusive content and my best work. If you know my style, I’m a straight to the point person. If you are a financial advisor who wants to learn how to get leads from the internet without the BS, this membership is a good option.

D. What software do I need to access the membership portal?

Very simple: you will need only a web browser because nobody has time for the mumbo jumbo. You visit my website, log on to the portal, and view the videos there.

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