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Here’s something I’m onto. Can I tell you about it please?

A while ago I figured out that most keynote speakers are really there to toot their own horn (disguising it as “inspiration”) and secretly promote their business. And then if the audience gets anything REAL out of it, that’s nice – but this is clearly an afterthought.

I think this is wrong because people pay a ton of money and they leave their families to go to conferences and events. They deserve to be enlightened and brought somewhere they can’t go themselves, not just hearing some regurgitated spiel they could get from the speaker’s website.

I wondered, what would keynote talks be like if the speaker REALLY put the audience’s interest first?

If they gave them something they could totally relate to?

What if the talk was 100% geared towards changing the people in the audience’s lives by connecting to them on an emotional level, getting inside their minds and teaching them something about themselves, not about the person on the stage?

I made a business decision to remove any nonsense from my talks and see how it went. 

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