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I am open to speaking at events. My rates start at $4,500.00 per session. To get started please share your upcoming event info and I will review it and get back to you with my availability.

Typical talks include:

  • How financial advisors can work with Generation X and Y children of their clients to ensure multigenerational wealth transfer happens successfully.
  • How to better understand Centers of Influence such as CPAs and attorneys and create stronger partnerships
  • How operations professionals at investment firms can act as technology evangelists to improve the competitive edge of the advisors at their firm

Thank you for your interest! I offer various Paid Podcast Sponsorship Packages:

a. Pre-Roll Sponsorship – Depends on length, average range $120-$350
b. Mid-Roll Sponsorship – Depends on length, average range $100 -$300
c. Roll-Out Sponsorship – Depends on length, average range $75-$150
d. Episode Sponsorship – Negotiable

If you are interested in the above, please fill out the form with the content you are looking to promote and I will respond promptly.

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