Podcast Sponsorship And Speaking Events

What is The Sara Grillo Podcast?

When I was a financial advisor for many years, I found that there was so much bad financial advisor marketing. That the industry was riddled with cliches and when I tried to express myself, I didn’t get very far and I was constantly frustrated. I established this podcast to help financial advisors.

Listen to figure out how to improve your social media, website, and ability to drive leads online.

How Can You Sponsor The Sara Grillo Podcast?

Thank you for your interest! I offer various Paid Podcast Sponsorship Packages that consist of:

a. Pre-Roll Sponsorship – Depends on length, average range $120-$350
b. Mid-Roll Sponsorship – Depends on length, average range $100 -$300
c. Roll-Out Sponsorship – Depends on length, average range $75-$150
d. Episode Sponsorship – Negotiable

If you are interested in the above, please fill out the form with the content you are looking to promote and I will review and get in touch with you shortly.

How Can You Be a Guest on The Sara Grillo Podcast?

I love meeting new people who have actionable advice to share with my followers. To be considered for a guest please pitch me a couple show ideas, your background and why you think my audience will enjoy us connecting.

If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to check out a show before reaching out. Click here to access The Sara Grillo Podcast on iTunes.

How Can You Hire Sara Grillo to Speak at Your Event?

I am open to speaking at events. My rates start at $3,000.00 per session. To get started please share your upcoming event info below and I will review it and get back to you with my availability.

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