I’m an anti-BS keynote speaker

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Cost for any of the below talks is $5,000 plus travel,  hotel, and meal reimbursement. Message me here to set up this talk at your company.

Why are my talks worth $5k?

Because I make a point to do more work so that I deliver a more lasting and impactful talk than most speakers are able to. My goal is to make permanent change, and I know that in order to do that I have to deliver more to the audience.

Let me be very clear that I am not looking to get up on stage and put on a show to further my own cause. This is not about me, my business, my reputation, or my ego. This is about your audience being able to go home at night with valuable skills they can use to help their clients.

And I have to make sure there is no possible way that I do not fail at this.

I make it a point not to be talking at people but rather with them. This makes me dramatically different from other speakers. Here are some examples of how I make intentional effort and put higher focus into my prep to ensure that my talks are different:

  • Before the talk, I poll the audience ahead of time to get a sense of what is on their minds and what questions they want me to answer.
  • I stop and review every 10 minutes because (let’s be honest) – most people aren’t going to pay attention after 7 minutes.  I design my talks to support the retention of information.
  • I talk for a total of 30 minutes throughout the allotted time. The rest of the time is spent answering questions, roleplays, or other methods of having audience members participate actively.
  • I send participants home with a short list of takeaways to jog their memory.
  • I give the audience a quiz at the end. This is to promote retention, outline the key points, and correct any misunderstandings.
  • I use humor to connect with people.

Here are my 2020 talks.

Financial Advisor Marketing for Advisors who HATE Marketing

Look, I don’t blame you. This talk will teach some low risk, easy methods requiring minimal resources and time for financial advisors who hate marketing.

You’ll learn about:

  • The marketing mask and why you don’t have to be a quick talking, cold calling, dinner-seminar obsessed financial advisor to create new business!
  • The easy 4 Step “OATS process”: Observe, Assess, and speak in Two Sentences
  • Why everyone hates being marketed to, but everyone loves being communicated with – and how to do it so that you come across as the latter (communicator) not the former (marketer)

At the core of it, this is a talk about how to communicate in a way that lets the prospect lead and reduces the amount of time and money thrown away on people who won’t see the relevance of what you have to offer.

Available as a 1 hour keynote and also as a 3 hour workshop.

Introducing the Two Sentence Rule. Cut!

The future of financial advisor communication is brief, and it is digital. Are financial advisors really prepared for this?

Let’s face it. Most financial advisors hate marketing. And most prospects hate it when financial advisors prospect to them. Is there any way to solve this disconnect?

The solution is empathy. We have to create a space where both parties can listen and be heard while being able to convey their point to the other party. While this may seem simple enough, for decades people have tried and failed in all walks of life at this.

Do you agree?

So far I’m seeing that I’m on to something. The results are showing that there is a system that works better. I’m inventing a new way of communicating, for financial advisors and the world at large. It’s called the Two Sentence Rule. This is useful on social media, websites, and in any application using a messenger function (Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Yammer). You can use it when communicating with prospects, press, influencers, or anyone whose attention you want to get. You can even use it in your personal life, with your spouse, kids, friends, parents, etc.

Although it may seem simple, most people aren’t able to get their point across in 2 sentences. Try it once and you’ll see what I mean.

This talk will teach people:

  • Why this is the new way of communicating in years to come
  • The process for distilling any thought down into 2 sentences
  • Examples of how to apply the 2 sentence rule to the websites of members in the audience – LIVE example
  • How to create a stunning 2 sentence LinkedIn or Facebook messages that will engage new prospects – LIVE example
  • Why a 2 sentence elevator pitch is better
  • The 3 different formats for a 2 sentence elevator pitch
  • 2 sentence voicemail examples – LIVE example
  • How to apply the 2 sentence rule to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or company page on social media

Non Verbal Signs Someone is Lying

Let’s face it. Not everyone is 100% truthful when negotiating a major transaction involving the business that represents their life’s work. How do you really know that what the person on the other side of the table is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Remember that our bodies are always communicating even when we aren’t talking.

In this talk the participants will learn:

  • The parts of the brain that control our body language and fight/flight response
  • Nonverbal cues that give away when someone is lying or there is an issue with something you said
  • Linguistic patterns that convey deception
  • Signs you are dealing with a manipulator, narcissist or other dangerous personality type
  • Body language solutions for when you find yourself in a difficult conversation with someone

Hiring Me

I’m not a speaker for the glory. I’m in it because I want to make permanent and real change.

Cost for any of the below talks is $5,000 plus travel,  hotel, and meal reimbursement. Message me here to set up this talk at your company.