“How to tell prospect they’re not a fit?”

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Keep it brief.

Make it about the opportunity – not the rejection. Put all the emphasis on the type of advisor who is correct and how they should find them, not why they aren’t right for you.

Take these actions TODAY:

When rejecting the prospect, don’t ramble. Just give them one good reason, and use my Two Sentence Rule.



“From our conversations I observed that you seem more of a Do-It-Yourself type of investor. We wouldn’t be the best fit, given that everyone we work with must be a client of both our planning and our TAMP.”

(See, two sentences)

(Smile, and wait for their response)

Then you say:

“Would you be open to my recommendations for a few advisor friends of mine whose businesses are specifically designed to accommodate do-it-yourself investors?”

They nod yes.

Then you say, “Great! Here is a list of three advisors you should contact.” (make sure you have this list, don’t just tell them to go look on the internet)

Sara’s Upshot

Sometimes people come to us because we are called to serve them, and other times we are simply called to deliver them a message.

And so when you are called to be the messenger, know this.

Even if it’s disappointing, people will consider it progress if you can point them in the right direction and save them time in their search.

It’s not to say that you won’t benefit directly – if you do a good job, they may send you someone who is the right fit one day.



BOOM – there you go, today’s marketing tip for ya!

-Sara G

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-Sara G

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