Kick butt LinkedIn job search tips for financial professionals

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In this blog I’m going to discuss some LinkedIn job search tips for financial professionals such as equity research analysts and portfolio management job seekers. There is one specific message sequence that I am going to teach you how to execute at the end.

But first let’s talk about how things look from the “other side.”

The biggest challenge that employers have, when they are interviewing you for an equity research or portfolio management job, isn’t technical.

It is not a concern that you can’t do the job.

It is not a concern you won’t work the hours.

It is about your personality fit.

Everybody is on their best behavior in an interview and the fakeness can seem very convincing. Employers don’t really know who to believe.

As I explain in my book, Emergency Interview Kit for Equity Research and Portfolio Management, responding the right way is critical.

But what matters even more is this.

What they thought of you prior to the interview.

What does an employer know about you, before you show up to the equity research or portfolio management job interview?


The issue is that most of the time, you are getting an interview through a job board. There is absolutely no clue as to:

  • Your values
  • Your personality
  • How you make decisions
  • Your world view
  • etc.

And that puts you at a major disadvantage to your competition.

So here’s a solution.

Use social media to build relationships and get interviews.

Yes, it will take patience.

Yes, you may have to learn a few things.

Try this:

  1. Make a list of 10 companies you would like to work for
  2. Find the decision maker on LinkedIn

Then send them this LinkedIn message:

Look, I really like your company’s values and I see them as similar to mine. I’d like to connect here on LinkedIn because your company is the type of organization that I would like to dedicate my time and skills to at some point in the future, should the need arise.


You my have to play the long game – there’s no guarantee any of these are going to materialize ASAP. But if and when one of those companies does indeed come around, you are in a much better position to start the interview off with a clear advantage over the other candidates they snagged on a job board.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

If you want my help on a one-on-one basis, let’s set up some time for a consultation!


If you haven’t read the Interview Kit yet, check it out below. I’m also available for consulting on a hourly basis if you need additional support.

You could also sign up for my equity research newsletter.

Equity research interview kit book cover


It’s not a long e-book, but there’s alot you can learn and it’s based on my real experiences back when I worked in equity analysis at Lehman etc..

This kit will teach you:

  • What to do before the interview – what information to gather, what research you should be doing, and what speaking points to prepare
  • How to rebut back when you get stuck in an interview
  • Why the people matter and how to increase your chances of success with the decision makers
  • How to display maximum value as a candidate by how you respond to their questions
  • What your social media should look like while you are interviewing
  • How to ask the right questions during an interview
  • What to do if the interview doesn’t go the way you want it to
  • How to open an interview correctly
  • Interview closing techniques – how to get control and operate from a position of strength throughout the interview and especially at the end when it counts
  • What to do after the interview to increase your chances of success


Thanks for reading!


Any questions? Send 'em in!