Vid 93: How to make charts and graphs for social media apps

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Here are six tips about how to make charts and graphs for social media apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This video features a membership webinar we did in July 2021 featuring Lance Roberts of Real Investment Advice. Lance has 38k followers on Twitter at the time of this video being made, and […]

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Ep 10: Join “Team Text Message”

If you’re not texting your clients, here’s why you should join “Team Text Message.” In this interview with Jonathan Maddock of Redtail Technology, I cover the reasons why your clients are expecting this from you (across all age groups and demographics) , texting do’s and do not’s, and the rules you should follow when texting with clients.

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Ep 9: Communicating to Influence with Steve Sanduski

As financial advice becomes more automated, how do you justify your (higher-priced) value as a human being? Join me and my guest, the great Steve Sanduski of Belay Advisor, as we discuss how to communicate with your clients in a way that increases influence.

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