Vid 92: LinkedIn weekly work schedule

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Use this LinkedIn weekly work schedule if you are having trouble getting your LinkedIn work organized for the week. Alot of financial advisors find it really hard to find time to be on LinkedIn given the demands of your job. Never fear, Sara G is here! The good thing is that quality and consistency matter […]

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Ep 10: Join “Team Text Message”

If you’re not texting your clients, here’s why you should join “Team Text Message.” In this interview with Jonathan Maddock of Redtail Technology, I cover the reasons why your clients are expecting this from you (across all age groups and demographics) , texting do’s and do not’s, and the rules you should follow when texting with clients.

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Ep 9: Communicating to Influence with Steve Sanduski

As financial advice becomes more automated, how do you justify your (higher-priced) value as a human being? Join me and my guest, the great Steve Sanduski of Belay Advisor, as we discuss how to communicate with your clients in a way that increases influence.

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