Hail, Mighty Amazon!

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To quote the great Ric Edelman, who I was honored to have as my guest on this episode of my show,

“Either run your practice the right way using technology correctly or join another practice where they’re doing it on your behalf…We need to recognize that the way you’ve been building your practice for the past 20 years is not the way you’re going to be able to continue operating your practice for the next 20 years.”

The options are: join the movement, or join the movement.

And so here we are in the age of Amazon where the customer experience is king. Will the tech giants be the next big players? Or does brick and mortar still have an appeal?

Listen to hear more about what being competitive means in the digital age of financial advice. You’ll also hear all about Ric Edelman’s fantastic sock collection as  shown below:

Ric Edelman has quite an interesting sock collection, as evidenced below.


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