Building a Luxury Brand (like the Ritz-Carlton)

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In this episode we welcome Sebastian Dovey who fills us in on what wealthy people want in a luxury brand. Seb was co-founder and managing director of Scorpio Partnership, a wealth management consultancy that conducts research on the global wealth industry. He was sooooo successful at it at the company was acquired by, AON in 2014. Currently, Seb is involved in numerous organizations at a board level.

We’ll discuss:

  • What does luxury mean? How is a luxury brand defined?
  • How are luxury brand able to personalize their offerings so deeply?
  • How do luxury brands connect with their consumers digitally? Is wealth management ahead or behind in this realm?
  • We aren’t making Rolex watches. How do you scale a luxury brand like a wealth management firm?

Music is Arp Bounce by Geographer