Vid 35: Running Your First Sponsored Ad Campaign

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Here are some things to keep in mind when you are running a LinkedIn advertising campaign. You should keep in mind the following things about the budget, targeting, testing, and copy length. 1. Budget. Try an ad first with $25. Then change one variable and run another one for $25 and see if it does …

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Sara Grillo - Messy Paint - Marketing Strategy
Financial Advisor Marketing

From Chaotic Picasso to Marketing Masterpiece

His works were beautiful collages, so powerful that they brought to life an entire genre, a new idea that hadn’t existed in the world as a real concept until he made it so. While Picasso didn’t attend marketing conferences with titles such as “Brand Ambassador” on his name tag, we can all take a lesson from his success in marketing his product.

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Marketing for financial advisors is soooo hard!
Financial Advisor Marketing

Marketing for financial advisors is hard!

With a little bit of creativity, which to be blunt is the last thing on any financial advisor’s mind given all the stress they’re under, you can refocus the lens through which the world sees you. Here are some market-beating social media strategies that are a core holding for all financial advisor and financial planner marketing portfolios.

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