Ways to Get Rich People to Go To Your Website

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One of the biggest frustrations that financial advisors have is that their websites don’t attract high net worth clients. Much of this has to do with the way that the website is designed. Do you know what Google is looking for?

We’ve got Kirk Deis of Treehouse51 here with us to talk about what web developers don’t tell you regarding the ways that financial advisors can get rich people to go to their websites.

  • Difference between custom and template websites in terms of what it offers you in terms of getting rich people to go to your website
  • Advantage and disadvantages of using a template website – how it impacts your ability to get rich people to go to your website
  • How much you will spend on each type of website and what you get for the price
  • Things a low cost web developer may do that would not be in your favor as a financial advisor
  • What a custom website can typically cost (initially) and how to negotiate with a developer for the best price
  • The costs you need to think about if you have a custom website on an ongoing basis
  • What you should do first if you are thinking about using paid advertising to attract high net worth investors to your website
  • What you’re missing if you’re not using the data that Google gives you and how can kill your marketing ROI
  • How you can target high net worth investors using Google because Google knows everything about us
  • The exciting things you can do with YouTube that nobody is really doing in the financial advisor space
  • The shortcut to getting in front of a high net worth audience that your competitor or an influencer has already done the hard work to gather
  • How ranking well in YouTube can be better than blogs in terms of getting found on Google
  • What it can potentially cost to do paid advertising – what you should budget
  • Some tips for your Google Adwords campaign

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