Swag like Swedroe: Communication Tips from an Investment Thought Leader

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What can I say, he’s got swag. And here’s what you can learn from him if you are an investment professional looking to stop being part of the noise that gets ignored.

I was honored to have one of the “greats” in the investment world on my show this episode. Today we welcome Larry Swedroe, a widely recognize investment thought leader and the director of research for The BAM Alliance, a community of more than 140 independent registered investment advisors throughout the country.

As brilliant as Larry is as an investor, he’s made his mark on the world in an important way: earning a position as a thought leader by adeptly communicating with investors, financial advisors, and the investment community at large.

And this skill is becoming more valuable by the minute.

In a world of fee compression, smart beta, low cost TAMPs, and next to zero management fee ETFs, it’s clear that anyone charging a fee for investment advice is going to have to fight for it. The human touch that a credible investment manager brings is irreplaceable.

Larry is going to share with us some ways to improve your ability to reach clients, and it is advice that anyone in the investment industry should consider.

Hear Larry’s thoughts on the following:

  • You’ve made quite a name for yourself as an investment expert. Why do you think people like listening to you talk about investments, a subject that is typically dry and unappealing?
  • You recently described a technique used when a client asks a question – you write about it in a blog. I do this also. Tell me more about what you’ve seen as the results of this communication.
  • You write for AP and also etf.com. What have you seen as the most effective writing techniques that have gotten people engaged? Does this drive leads for you?
  • In your current role, you’re a mentor of sorts for the advisors at BAM. Tell us some of the wisdom you’ve imparted to them that has made a difference about how to run their practices from an investment perspective.

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