Seasonal Fashion Advice for Financial Advisors

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How can financial advisors manage to look professional and incorporate some personality into their look at the same time? I interviewed Michael Ferrera, who is both a financial advisor and a fashion and image consultant, for advice about to dress with the changing seasons, how to dress to counterbalance age bias, and the top three financial advisor fashion mistakes. Tune in!

[Frame 2:30] Fall layering tips – how gloves, hates, and scarves can add style in the colder weather. Did you know you can even layer in Texas? As a West Coaster, Michael gives advice about how to layer in a temperate climate.

[Frame 6:15] Women’s fashion layering tips.

[Frame 7:45] How to commute to work in snow boots and then camouflage the boots during the meeting so it isn’t obvious you brought your boots to the meeting.

[Frame 12:21] How to dress to counteract aging.

[Frame 15:51] How to use style as a brand asset if you are a younger advisor.

[Frame 17:47] The role your appearance plays as an enhancer not as what defines you as an advisor. Some creative ways to adapt to the client you are working with without using plastic surgery or Botox.

[Frame 21:52] Three biggest financial advisor fashion mistakes we commonly see: corner cutting (heels worn down, shoes not shined), neglecting accessories or tailoring, wearing the same thing.

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