Ep 10: Join “Team Text Message”

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If you’re not texting your clients, here’s why you should join “Team Text Message.” In this interview with Jonathan Maddock of Redtail Technology, I cover the reasons why your clients are expecting this from you (across all age groups and demographics) , texting do’s and do not’s, and the rules you should follow when texting with clients.

In this message you will learn:

[1:13]  What percentage of people are texting vs. what financial advisors are doing.

[3:04] When a financial advisor should text vs. using email or calling.

[7:04] Why you want to be an early adopter of text messaging.

[9:00] Text messaging as a way to improve prospecting success.

[13:01] How text messaging can help improve satisfaction levels for millennial clients. How advisors can use text messaging to scale their practice and ensure that they retain the clients who will be the next generation of wealth.

[19:30] The digital experience and why it’s not just for millennials

[21:26] Rules of texting (including no-nos that you shouldn’t do)

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