Sara Grillo, CFA

I am a top financial writer.

So you may be asking, how did someone with an MBA, the CFA designation — and almost a decade of experience managing money, to boot — wind up here?

I was plodding along merrily in my job at Lehman Brothers when the world collapsed in 2007. Little did I know, I was about to embark on a journey where my words would reach millions of people across the country and the world. Literally.

I became a financial advisor, both as broker-dealer representative and at an RIA firm. I was reasonably successful at this but never felt it was my true calling.

And then over a period of three years Antonio and I had three children. This put a wrench in the works so to speak. I needed total flexibility and working for someone else was simply not going to work.

So, I tried my hand at what was an untapped skill I had never really allowed to flourish: my writing. I had been an English major at Harvard, and throughout my time on the buy side there had been some indications of my writing talent.

Well, the results have been amazing. In less than two years I have nearly 100 clients. While I focus on financial firms, this niche is not completely exclusive. I have several long term clients from other industries who think I am cool and are very happy working with me.

If you read my Client Reviews page, you’ll see  why people love working with me. Thanks for reading and if you want to get the right attention for your business, let’s get in touch.


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