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I am a top financial writer with a focus on marketing and branding for investment management, financial planning, and RIA firms. Prior to this, I was a financial advisor and worked at Lehman Brothers.

When I was an advisor many years ago I found there was so much bad financial advisor marketing, that the industry was riddled with clichés and that when I tried to express myself I didn’t get very far.

So what I’ve set out to do is become the best financial services marketer who ever lived, because I know I have the potential to permanently change the way that financial companies communicate. To lift the veil and transform this shrouded and jargoned industry into one that people understand, trust, and respect.

And I’m not willing to let anything get in my way. Every single day no matter what I am pushing until I get there and until every single financial professional knows my name.

I am Sara Grillo, top financial author, podcast host, and keynote speaker. Please follow me and allow me to teach you how to communicate so that people actually listen.