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Raising four children has taught me these truths about human nature.

  • All people want attention – in fact that’s really all that people want - but it has to be given the right way.
  • From deep down inside, your instincts always tell you the truth. It’s your decision to listen or not.
  • The fewer words, the better. Best to communicate an idea to people in two sentences or less.

The “no nonsense” version of what I do?

I am a marketing consultant who helps financial advisors fight the tendency to barf meaningless cliché on their prospects. Prior to launching my own firm, I was a financial advisor and worked at Lehman Brothers. I collected a bunch of credentials (Harvard, NYU, CFA® designation) that look good on paper but have questionable relevance.

You’ll find the content on this site was written for the most part in my raw, “no nonsense” style. Here’s a guide to which type may be best for you.