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My CFA® Story: Started from the Bottom

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Taking the CFA Level I exam when you’ve got no financial background can be a daunting task. In fact, it can seem downright impossible to pass when you have nothing to go on. As an English major one year out of college working in a non-financial field, I had nothing to lose. And in retrospect, what I’ve gained from taking the CFA exam has been earth shattering and way more than what I had initially imagined.

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How the CFA Changed My Career

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While at first, the CFA exam was a thing I did for the thrill of overcoming the huge challenge of cracking into asset management and becoming a portfolio manager, in the end, getting my CFA designation became the thing that has had the single greatest impact on my career. What I learned would have stayed with me to this day – and it goes way beyond concepts like the Markowitz efficient frontier or any of the subject matter.

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