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Getting access to my Exclusive Content

I publish exclusive content about financial advisor lead generation. Here are my responses to the common questions that people tend to have when they are considering joining the Sara Grillo membership.

Why is there a $100 sign up fee?

I hear you. People are often curious why there is a $100 fee for sign up due when you join the membership (monthly ongoing fee is $35/month).

This is because there is a significant amount of background work that goes into onboarding each member to the back end of the portal, LinkedIn group, webinar list, etc at inception so that everything runs smoothly. In addition, sometimes the members will require some help navigating the startup and accessing the content. I’ve created a FAQs document that they can use which addresses most issues, but sometimes there is more onboarding work that needs to be done.

You create free editorial content frequently (articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars). Why should I pay for this membership when I get an email in my inbox from you each week for free?

Good point.

My membership provides you with:

  • Three short training videos. The videos are typically less than 10 minutes long and demonstrate steps to follow to attract new prospects online.
  • One exclusive interactive membership webinar in which I demonstrate the training video tactics via screen share and you can ask questions.
  • Access to coaching through my exclusive members-only LinkedIn group in which I will provide guidance and advice on the tactics I’ve demonstrated.

The membership content differs from my editorial content in a few important ways:

  • My videos demonstrate the actual steps you take in an easy to follow format and the replay is available on demand. You see the LinkedIn tactics demonstrated. In contrast, in my blogs and podcast I only describe these in general terms and no concrete steps are outlined. I may give an example but those are words only, not live, step by step instructions that are demonstrated with real life examples you can see.
  • In 2019, my editorial content is going to cut down a bit in volume and also it will be focused less on the nitty gritty of LinkedIn strategy and online branding and more upon my thought leadership and keynote speaking.
  • It’s not just articles; it’s coaching, too. While very few people take me up on this, you do get online coaching through the members LinkedIn group. You can also ask me questions on the members only webinar each month. While you’re not getting direct one on one phone time, you are getting access to my consultative advice which on an individual basis goes for $250/hour. So if you do the math on that, just because you’re getting the advice in a group setting, you’re saving a huge amount of money.

There are so many LinkedIn messaging programs. Why should I pick yours?

Yeah, I’m with you on that!

You’re probably saying this because you’ve checked out some of these artificial intelligence type LinkedIn messaging programs. They say they’ll send 100 messages from your LinkedIn ID to viable prospects every week or something like that, right?

Here’s what’s they’re missing (btw, I made a YouTube video summarizing the problem with social media AI services if you want to watch me instead):

  • After a certain number of unresponded to connection messages, LinkedIn (in the past) has put people into the “doghouse” where your ability to message new people without their emails is taken away. I can’t say for sure this is what they’ll do going forward but LinkedIn has recently taken many steps to eliminate spamming and it’s likely they’re not going to let people get away with mass messaging for too long.
  • When you are communicating one on one with another person, there is quite simply no shortcut to sincerity. If you want to get somebody to pay attention to you, you’ve got to pay attention to them first. In my membership I show you how to do this in a way that can build your pipeline over time.

Simply put, there’s no substitute for quality and authenticity. Although I’m a big fan of scalability, unfortunately with most of these LinkedIn messaging services you’ll just be paying to become part of the noise in their inbox that people want to ignore.

Authenticity wins. Without it, there’s no basis for growth and nothing to scale in the first place.

I already have LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Great! My membership is extremely complementary with LinkedIn Navigator.  From Navigator you’ll be able to find people easily and that’s where my membership is really useful: knowing what to say, how to follow up, what to post to your feed, etc. so that you can get meetings with the people you find through searches.

There are so many LinkedIn training programs. Why should I pick yours?

In addition to the reasons stated in the response to the question above, the advantage is time efficiency.

My training videos are less than 10 minutes long and some are only 2-3 minutes long only. This was designed for busy people who don’t have a ton of time to spend on LinkedIn but still want to take action to get results.

Let’s be real: what financial advisor has time to sit around and be on social media all day?

What are the training videos about?

Here are the titles of the first 10 videos:

  • Getting Center of Influence Leads through LinkedIn Search
  • How to Not Screw Up Talking to a COI on LinkedIn
  • The Easiest Possible Way to Get a COI’s Attention on LinkedIn
  • How to Look Cool (Not Sleazy) in LinkedIn Groups
  • The Fun Way to Meet Prospects in LinkedIn Groups
  • Creating a LinkedIn Community That Rocks
  • December Bonus Video  – Proven Lead Generation
  • Rebranding Your LinkedIn Profile
  • The 1,2,3 Combo
  • 4 Killer Ideas for LinkedIn Content

A few sample links are included below.

How To Not Screw Up Talking To A COI On LinkedIn – Video 2

Rebranding Your LinkedIn Profile for Conversions

What results/ROI do people get?

I would never offer advice that I myself would not follow. I’ve used these techniques for years and my experiences, successes, and failures form the basis for this membership content. Using these techniques has brought me clients, speaking engagements, introductions to hard to meet people, and it’s all happened in a natural way that everyone was comfortable with.

Although the membership itself is at its nascency at the time of me writing this article, people are already getting these results. Some have reported getting meetings and referrals from COIs. Others have said that it has led them to expand their networks in ways they never thought and has been a great benefit as a result.

I can also tell you that in my overall work with advisors as a marketing coach (those who aren’t on my membership), many of them have had success using the techniques that I teach in my membership.

I’m not sure I can afford this. I want to make sure I keep total marketing costs down.

Right on. I love smart buyers and I myself am careful when it comes to spending.

If you would like a marketing budget sheet, I can send it to you. This will help you get a handle on your overall marketing costs for the year.

Having said that, this is arguably the best value out there that you can get for $35 a month. You’ll be guided through how to run a LinkedIn campaign to your target market from start to finish. If you bought this advice from me on an individual basis it would run you $250/hour.

This was created for the financial advisor who either:

  • is disciplined enough to drive the marketing effort themselves instead of hiring somebody else
  • can’t afford a huge marketing bill each month (bluntly put)

Let’s say you were to invest time in watching my videos, doing what the instructions say, and taking advantage of the opportunity to get coaching from my webinars or LinkedIn groups. All of the resources available to you through this membership are worth well over the $35 you’d pay each month (and of course the $100 sign up fee due at inception).

We’re too tightly regulated, especially when it comes to social media.

Let’s be real; financial advisor compliance at some shops is downright stifling.

The good news is that my whole approach to marketing is geared towards getting you away from how advisors typically behave (which compliance isn’t such a fan of) and more towards acting like a natural human being. And compliance usually has very few bones to pick with that, because we’re steering clear of the technical stuff.

I’m creating a new way of communicating and that applies to everything you do as an advisor, from social media to blogs, speaking engagements, the whole enchilada.

And if your social media compliance team has really got you on lock down, there’s still a great deal of value in knowing how to use LinkedIn as a research tool. I cover this in my first few videos. Some of these techniques don’t have to be executed through LinkedIn; you can use social media for the research and actually execute the communication through email.

Sara’s Upshot

Did I cover it all? If I’ve addressed your doubts, please go ahead and click here.

If not, I want to hear from you. What did I miss? Please go ahead and send me a message through my contact form and let me know what else is on your mind.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join me as a guide through your LinkedIn journey!

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In what order do I watch the Membership Videos?

My membership covers a variety of subjects. This blog presents an order in which you should watch the membership videos.

To access these videos, please log on to your portal and input the password for each vid. If you have trouble getting to the videos, please access the FAQs doc here.

Step #1: Setting up your profile

Start here.

Video 7 is the first one to watch when you begin my membership. It will teach you how to set up your LinkedIn profile page correctly so you don’t look like a cliché. It’s important to do this first because you’ll be directing traffic here – it’s the foundation for your prospecting.

Vid 71: Your LinkedIn name

Vid 68: Featured posts

Step #2: Create your strategy

READ “Financial Advisor Marketing Strategy” e-book. DO NOT BUY IT. If you did not get your free copy, ask me (Sara) for it.

Vid 77: Financial Advisor LinkedIn Strategy for 2021

Vid 79: LinkedIn posting scripts for financial advisors in 2021 (+ examples)

Step #3: Create your list of 20 and start connecting

Next you need to learn how to search for prospects within your target niche. In this step, you learn how LinkedIn search works, how to create a target list of 20 people, set up your funnel, and how to send them a message to connect with you.

READ “47 LinkedIn Messages” e-book. DO NOT BUY IT. Ask me (Sara) if you did not get your free copy.

Vid 1 – Create your list of 20

Vid 2 – How LinkedIn search works

Vid 3 – Sending an engaging connection request

Vid 47 – Additional tips for creating your list of 20

Step #4: Get a Funnel Going through Advanced Messaging, Sequences and Transitions

Once you get a certain amount of people connected to you, it’s time to get a meeting with them. This takes a high degree of skill in the way you communicate.

Use the messages in the “47 Messages e-book.” DO NOT BUY IT. Ask me (Sara) if you did not get your free copy. Also, the following videos will teach you transition messages – how to get them from cold to warm to meeting – as well as some sequences of messages that have worked.

Vid 11 – Messaging when you are trying to talk to business owners

Vid 42 – Messaging Basics

Vid 46 – Humble and gentle messages

Step #5: Refine strategy using other membership videos

There are 70+ videos on the dashboard, organized into categories such as: creating content, newsletters, your online brand, etc. Where is your process breaking down? Use these videos to troubleshoot where your process is weak. Send me (Sara) a LinkedIn message if you have questions.

Sara Grillo Membership Extras

Vid 58: Freebies and extras!

I have included a few “extras” in the membership. Ask me to send you the following Excel sheets.

ROI /Profitability analyzer – Have you ever looked at how profitable each business line or business activity is for you? How do you grow in a profitable way. Use this sheet to find out.

Prospect tracker – If you don’t have a CRM, use this Excel sheet to track progress on each name on your list.

Results sheet – Monitor your daily progress using this Excel sheet.

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Membership FAQs

Welcome to my membership! Here are the common issues people sometimes have when they start out with my membership, and what to do to fix them.

How do I log on? / I can’t find my password

When you signed up you should have received a confirmation email with your username and password in it. The page where you should log in is here:

What to do:

  • Check your inbox for the confirmation email. It will go to the email address you used to sign up.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation email with your username and password, please check your Spam folder.
  • If you still can not locate your confirmation email, please kindly reach out to me at

My password doesn’t work

Don’t worry!

The password was sent to you in the confirmation email when you signed up. As noted above, please kindly make sure you are using the correct log in URL, username, and password as provided in the confirmation email.

What to do:

  • If the password provided to you does not work, please kindly reach out to me at
  • I will simply need to reset the password for you.
  • The new password will come to you at the email address you used to sign up.

I can not find or log on to the videos.

No worries! This is simple.

What to do:

  • The videos require a different password than your log on.
  • Use your username and password to log on to the membership page at
  • On the left, click “dashboard”.
  • Videos are located on your dashboard.
  • When you click on the page for each video, the password is displayed directly under the picture of the video screen.
  • Look below for a picture showing where to find the password:

If you find the password and enter it and it still doesn’t work, please try copy and pasting instead of just typing it in letter by letter.

If you are still having problems locating the passwords, please kindly reach out to me at

How can I find all my membership content in one place?

It’s simple. Just log on and click this link.

I need to change my credit card information.

Easy to do!

Log on at

  • On the left side, click on where it says “my subscriptions.”
  • Where it says “actions” select “change payment.”
  • On the bottom where it says “credit card”, enter the new card info.
  • Click “change payment method” to update your payment info.

My payment got denied.

No problem! This could be perhaps due to outdated credit card information (if you changed your card, if your credit card expired). Other times it could just be a systems blip.

What to do:

  • Please confirm that your credit card information is up to date and that the card you have there is active and working.
  • Log on at
  • On the left side, click on where it says “my subscriptions.”
  • Click on where it says “payment methods.”
  • If your credit card information is up to date and correct, then the problem lies somewhere within the back end of the system. In that case, please kindly reach out to me at

Any other problems?

If anything else comes up, I’ll be there on the double! Just email

Thanks for joining me!

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What makes a hood LinkedIn profile? (5 examples)

Sara Grillo - Smartphone - LinkedIn Profile Tips

Want to get a good LinkedIn profile? Here are 5 examples of what you should and should not say on your LinkedIn profile.

For those of you who are new to my blog/podcast, my name is Sara. I am a CFA® charterholder and I used to be a financial advisor. I have a weekly newsletter in which I talk about financial advisor lead generation topics and it is best described as “fun and irreverent.” So please subscribe!

Here are the components of a good LinkedIn profile; I’ll discuss them in greater detail and provide examples of great LinkedIn profile pages below.

  • Have a purpose
  • Include custom content
  • Get recommended
  • Smile
  • Ace the headline

Have an actionable purpose in your About Field

The word is brand. Get rid of the jargon, get rid of the fluff, and tell the world what it is that you have to offer right there on your LinkedIn profile. There’s no reason you shouldn’t do it; it’s free, for goodness sake!

Get rid of the wishy-washy copy about how you want to change the world and get to the real point: what are you looking to do, why are you looking to do it, and why are you well qualified to help who it is that you want to help.

Take for example my own LinkedIn page, Sara Grillo. I make it clear that I’m here to make change in a non-BS way and I tell people how they can follow my content:

This is Sara Grillo's LinkedIn page

People don’t like being sold but they love being helped. I have so many free resources on my page that the reader is glad they came. If you are having the reader leave with more than what they came with, and it’s meaningful and focused on their needs, there is no issue with making the point that the reader should take action.

Include an action step in your About Field, something you want people to do that will help them.

Include custom content

When somebody happens to come across your profile, give them something they can sink their teeth into. Remember that this is an opportunity to say something about what you are about.

That’s exactly what publishing an article on your page can do. Take a look at the LinkedIn page of Petr Zlaty.  I love Peter’s article, “Why is integrity my No. 1 value.”  And what a great first line, “In my resume you can find that my key values are integrity, curiosity and loyalty.” So while he’s talking about a high level concept, he’s also giving us a clue that he has a resume (and by the way, wouldn’t you be curious to see it?).

What Peter has also done very nicely is presented a strong visual brand with the fascinating background photo as well as the thumbnail for the article. Pictures are a big part of making your bio appealing to the eye, just be sure you are careful to get royalty free images.

By the way, if you are considering LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, check out this video below I made.

Get recommended

Every time you leave a job or end a client engagement, you should get a testimonial on LinkedIn.  Get into this habit. It’s not like these have to stay on LinkedIn – you can see for example on my Reviews page on my website I’ve taken what people wrote about me on LinkedIn and put it there.

I like how Michael W. Staib has done this. He has 15 recommendations on his profile. If I’m looking at him for a job, I can see what other people are saying about him. People love that. Why do you think Yelp is so popular?


Yup, it seems so basic.

The warmer and more welcoming personal appeal you can present, the more receptive people are going to be to you. A smile is a very important part of your LinkedIn headshot.

Jason Grillo is a great example.

Ace the Headline

Your headline should speak to your purpose and grab the reader’s attention. It should not only contain your functional title such as “president, CEO” or “analyst” but also something more conceptual that reflects your mission and purpose.

Take for example non-profit founder Jean Paul Laurent whose headline is “Mayor of Smile.”

Love it. Nice job.

He’s a humanitarian focused on dental health.

The shorter the better when it comes to your headline, by the way. Some people want you to go on and on, but I think a short simple phrase about your title and what you do is best. No need to clutter with a million different buzzwords.

Sara’s Upshot

For marketing and branding ideas for financial professionals, follow my weekly newsletter. My specialty is financial advisor lead generation but my tips are great for all types of professionals.

Also, if you are a financial advisor or planner looking for social media coaching, you could join my membership.

Or you could purchase my e-book about LinkedIn messages and scripts if you are trying to get new leads or clients for your financial advisor practice.

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Three Things To Add To Your Brand to Increase Conversions Online

Sara Grillo - Increase Branding Online Conversions

Generating qualified leads from the Internet is a huge challenge for most financial advisors. The good news is that with a big brand this task becomes infinitely easier. This article will discuss the three critical areas of your brand that you can customize for higher online conversions from your social media.

Take the Time to Customize Your Messaging

With the million posts on social media going out every single minute across the world, if you are posting generic content then it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to get ignored. In fact it’s almost a given. The biggest culprits are news articles. The people you want to reach have probably already read these articles; and if they haven’t, they’ve probably already appeared in your competitors’ news feeds.

True, it’s way easier to plop down the latest hot article about retirement planning from the Wall Street Journal, but it’s not original. People love authenticity. If you post what everyone else does, you’re going to be viewed the same as everyone else. This is counter to your brand.

To give you an example of highly customized content, here’s a great LinkedIn status update posting by Jarrod Glandt, VP of Sales at Cardone Enterprises:

FEAR is an indication of GROWTH. In order to get to the next level, you must GO where the GROWTH is. If you don’t have any fears- get you some! #10X (Glandt, 2017)

Not surprisingly, Jarrod has over 9k followers. This posting garnered 134 likes and 6 comments – that’s super high engagement. Here’s what made this post successful:

  1. He talks directly to the audience’s goal (getting to the next level)
  2. He presents the problem (fear) and then the solution (growth)
  3. He uses a nice, customized hashtag that garners attention and curiosity
  4. He keeps the post short and to the point
  5. He doesn’t send you a link that you have to click, reducing distraction. This is a way of keeping your attention on him rather than a third party website.
  6. He keeps the status update personal and conversational rather than corporate

Way to go, Jarrod. You are a branding superstar. My only recommendation would have been to include some sort of image or photo to engage the audience visually. After reading this post, nonetheless, I’m motivated to learn more about Jarrod, what he does, what Cardone Enterprises does, and to follow him for future news. This goes way further than just posting some tired old sales article from Forbes. With just two sentences he’s drawn me in.

>>The more customized messaging you produce, the more online conversions you’ll get.

Include a Video

Branding is highly dependent upon emotion. The more emotion you get stir up with your brand, the stronger the brand. I’ve said it before in other blog postings on this topic. Social media video is the easiest and fastest way to get attention on the Internet. This is because seeing is believing and there is no better way to create a bond of trust between your brand and the audience than to appear face to face. If you can’t be there in person then reach them virtually this way. This is especially critical for industries where public distrust is high, such as financial services.

For some highly compliance oriented industries such as finance, setting out to make a video engenders fear of headache. Take it from someone who’s helped numerous financial advisors navigate through the toughest of compliance departments: it’s not as hard as you are probably making it. Here’s what I mean. You have to understand the mindset of the compliance department. There’s actually a very short list of fundamental things that they don’t want you to publish. Testimonials, guarantees of any sort, and most of all, simply just avoid talking about the market and making any forecast of any sort. It’s not as hard to get your marketing materials approved if you find a copywriter who understands this.

Where do you find a FINRA compliant copywriter? A helpful tip is to seek out a writer who has worked in the industry before and has held the Series 7 license. Many sales and marketing professionals, believe it or not, have had some work experience in this area. Consider that institutions such as AXA Advisors have probably recruited into almost every graduating class of every major college in the United States. If you do the math, there are probably tons of people who end up writing blogs as their careers that have been advisors in that two year program they got sucked into right after college!

Keep in mind you don’t have to create a Picasso every time. Just by creating video you’re way ahead of text posting. I’ve had tremendous success with social media video marketing, and most of my videos are semi or not produced, and last under 2 minutes. Here are some video marketing examples.

>>The more video content you produce, the more online conversions you’ll get.

Engage Brand Ambassadors

While it sounds like some hoity-toity campaign that only companies like GE with million dollar ad budgets are capable of, there are many different levels of brand ambassadors. Most of you already have one; there’s always that one person who likes every single update you put out there on social media. Agree? You know who you’re thinking of, right? It’s probably somebody you know.

My recommendation is to reach out to the person and have a discussion. If they love you that much, they’d probably be willing to produce a testimonial, participate in a podcast or webinar with their followers, or even actively promote your product to those in their network. You never know. There are many ways to work with a brand ambassador, some better for certain types of businesses than others.

This is a form of influencer marketing. Keep in mind that with millennials being half the workforce nowadays, you’re speaking to an audience base that loves user-generated content. Here’s where most people miss the boat on social media. The realer, the better. If you’re the one posting, they’ll always doubt what you say is real. If somebody else shares, likes, or agrees with what you say, your credibility rises dramatically.

>>The more you can get other people talking about you, the more online conversions you will get.

Sara’s Upshot

Authenticity is what matters most in any financial advisor who wants to get new clients. Learn the no BS way to use social media to get new clients by joining my membership here.


Glandt, Jarrod. (2017, June 1). FEAR is an indication of GROWTH. In order to get to the next level, you must GO where the GROWTH is. If you don’t have any fears- get you some! [LinkedIn status update]. Retrieved from

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The #1 Marketing Asset every Financial Advisor should Hold in the Portfolio

Sara Grillo - Social Media Video Marketing

There were three times in life when my career almost brought me to a nervous breakdown. The first was my last semester at NYU Stern when my professor threatened to fail my thesis if I didn’t change the topic at the last minute. The second was after Lehman crashed and I realized I was competing with literally thousands of qualified candidates to get back the position I had lost. The third was when I had my second child in two years and struggled to meet the grueling demands of the financial advisor quota I faced, and this led to me to skip maternity leave. Needless to say, at all three points I was ready to bite the head off a rattlesnake.

It’s no coincidence that both of these remarkable experiences were caused by the same heavy pressures that so many financial professionals face. Over the last 20 years I worked in a variety of industries but I can honestly say that finance is one of the most stressful occupations one could have. Why is that?

  • Unlike many other industries, most people in finance confront the reality on a daily basis that a market downturn they have no control over could cast them out onto the street.
  • When I was a FINRA-registered rep, I lived in constant fear of a lawsuit due to a compliance breach. It’s always lurking even for the most cautious.
  • Heavy regulation has precluded any real degree of product differentiation unless you are dealing in hedge funds, CTAs, or commodities. For most financial products there are very few core differences from one to the next, making it hard for the brokers and advisors who sell them to present a true competitive advantage.
  • Most financial advisors market their practices through word of mouth. In a bad market, all the good you’ve done is forgotten and nobody has anything nice to say about you. You’re literally as good as your last trade. Regulation also precludes advisors from publicizing any client testimonials. So this all makes it very hard to get street cred, especially if you’re starting out.

And on and on…

The good news it that with a little bit of creativity, which to be blunt is the last thing on any financial advisor’s mind given all the stress they’re under, you can refocus the lens through which the world sees you. It all starts with strong branding. I outline my formula for accomplish a good, solid business image in this piece about business branding. Themed messaging that is unique and goes deeper can intrigue the reader and cultivate a following, but it doesn’t come easily.

Financial advisors should also pay attention to where their online content is placed. Distribution through sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more is how you reach the targeted audience and ultimately earn back your marketing spend, which to be blunt is the treasure at the end of the rainbow for us all. Agree?

Many financial advisors are wary of social media such as blogging and online video because of the heavy compliance regulations that their firms uphold. This will never change and is something out of your control. You have to work with it, not allow it to make you avoid the digital world altogether. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying go 100% Facebook all the time. The best strategy is a hybrid approach that combines in person, digital, and phone prospecting. Why is this? Some prospects don’t like cold calls. Others don’t use LinkedIn. Others are people you’ll never meet at any networking events because their schedule doesn’t allow for it. Diversification, my financial advisor friends, is the only way to ensure that if one method becomes compromised it doesn’t mean an empty pipeline.

Sara’s Upshot

Like anything else, building your brand takes time and commitment.

Authenticity is what matters most in any financial advisor who wants to get new clients. Learn the no BS way to use social media to get new clients by joining my membership here.

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If Social Media Video Marketing Is So Great, Why Isn’t Everybody Doing It?

Sara Grillo - Social Media Video Marketing

Social media video marketing is the wave of the future and the best way to engage an audience online. I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing this already. Well, actually, I do know because here’s what some of my clients say.

Social media video marketing is expensive.

Yes, my friends, creating a professional, high quality video to represent your business will cost you a golden fortune. It carries with it a myriad of expenses, ranging from production costs, license fees, disc storage space, props, cast stipends, etc. The list goes on forever if you want to do this right.

For this reason I recommend creating only one or two videos that are rich in brand and can be circulated widely with success.  Those are your anchor videos that you embed in your website, use as trailers on your social media channels, send to prospects, etc.

These gold level videos are an investment that you make only once or twice. If you do it right, they create enough of a draw that you will boost your following, convert them to buyers, and earn the money back.

The bulk of the videos can be “quickie”, 2 minute clips which are semi-produced at your company or home. You’d have to invest in lighting, a good camera, a microphone, a YouTube account, and perhaps a professional backdrop.  These semi-produced social media marketing videos can help retain attention after you hook the audience in with the trailer videos.

What I’ve learned is that while quality matters, people care more about the content.  I successfully promote one of my business lines through YouTube exclusively.  While occasionally I do get complaints about my home videos, it hasn’t stopped me from getting many new clients because my content is spot on.  In fact, people see it as genuine when they hear my babies cry in the background. It makes me seem human and people love the authenticity absent of overly stiff and phony marketing pitches.

Social media video marketing is time consuming. 

Same as the money argument.  Make the big investment once and then follow it up with less time intensive, content rich “quickie” vids.  The more you do this, the easier it becomes. I don’t have a script and talk extemporaneously into the camera now. There is no way to make this go faster other than practice.

For most small businesses, setting aside the time to edit, tag, categorize, and lastly publish the video onto social media is too much of a stretch. Check out my marketing services tab to find out why companies work with me to get this done.

I don’t like having my picture taken. 

Neither did I – until I saw how lucrative social media marketing videos can be.  And then when my bank account got bigger I liked having my picture taken.

I don’t talk well into the camera.

Neither did I, until I practiced.  There is no way to make social media marketing video go better other than practice. Here’s a quick tip: try using humor. This is best served by a quick anecdote.

The first few months of working with a new client are kind of like the honeymoon period in a new relationship.  Everybody lives in fear of the moment of the first fight when the claws come out.

As I’ve gotten more experienced as an entrepreneur I’ve come to see tremendous value in having these conflicts because when there is a disagreement you see who you’re really dealing with.  In a sense you haven’t met the person you’re working with until something goes wrong.

I once I had a disagreement over a fee that a client did not want to pay although the contract explicitly stated the fee was due.  I reduced tension by using humor which broke the mental pattern of defensiveness and made them feel like I was dealing with them on the human level. You see, humor is human. When we laugh it makes us remember that we are human beings.

So here’s some critical advice to business owners or anyone really who is going for it, who is trying to get somewhere in business. In a tense situation, use humor. Show them your heart. Show them that you are a person first and a business person second, that you want the best for them and it’s not all gloom and doom, and that you can find the bright side and bring them a smile even in a dark situation.  It will empower both you and them to stay committed to working together, as I am with all my clients, and protect your success.

Social Media Video Marketing: The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line. If you want people to trust you, they have to know you; there’s no better way than seeing you on video.

You’ve got to spend your money on something. Out of all the uses of your marketing money, video is the best way to go. If you aren’t doing this, you should be – because your competition certainly is.

Authenticity is what matters most in any financial advisor who wants to get new clients. Learn the no BS way to use social media to get new clients by joining my membership here.