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Dan Solin’s Instructions for a Human First Meeting

Thrilled to have Dan Solin guide us through what financial advisors should say in the first meeting with a prospect.

I always love hearing Dan Solin discuss his human and relatable approach to building relationships. Thrilled to have one of the best in the profession as he guides us through what financial advisors should say (and should not say!) in the first meeting with a prospect.

I know you will enjoy!

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Get Ready for that Awkward Talk about Dementia! (cringe)

It’s not fun, cool, or glamorous, but this is one of the conversations that separates the good financial advisors from the ones who have to explain to their clients why they were the victim of “unforeseen events”.

Talking about the fact that someone you love may be mentally deteriorating is awkward. Carolyn Rosenblatt is an aging expert, RN, and attorney. She comes to us in this episode with answers to many uncomfortable questions about aging clients.

It’s an awkward conversation but let’s have it anyways, because it’s one that needs to be had.

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Introducing the Two Sentence Rule!

The future of financial advisor communication is brief, and it is digital. Are financial advisors really prepared for this?

I’m inventing a new way of communicating, for financial advisors and the world at large. It’s called the Two Sentence Rule. This is useful on social media, websites, and in any application using a messenger function (Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Yammer).

Although it may seem simple, most people aren’t able to get their point across in 2 sentences. Try it once and you’ll see what I mean.

This talk will teach people:

  • Why this is the new way of communicating in years to come
  • The process for distilling any thought down into 2 sentences
  • Examples of how to apply the 2 sentence rule to the websites of members in the audience – LIVE example
  • How to create a stunning 2 sentence LinkedIn or Facebook messages that will engage new prospects – LIVE example
  • Why a 2 sentence elevator pitch is better
  • The 3 different formats for a 2 sentence elevator pitch
  • 2 sentence voicemail examples – LIVE example
  • How to apply the 2 sentence rule to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or company page on social media

I make it a point not to be talking at people but rather with them. My goal is to be dramatically different from other speakers. What makes my talk dramatically different?

  • Before the talk, I poll the audience ahead of time to get a sense of what is on their minds and what questions they want me to answer.
  • I stop and review every 10 minutes because (let’s be honest) – most people aren’t going to pay attention after 7 minutes.  I design my talks to support the retention of information.
  • I talk for a total of 30 minutes throughout the allotted time. The rest of the time is spent answering questions, roleplays, or other methods of having audience members participate actively.
  • I send participants home with a short list of takeaways to jog their memory.
  • I give the audience a quiz at the end. This is to promote retention, outline the key points, and correct any misunderstandings.
  • I use humor to connect with people.

Cost is $5,000 plus travel,  hotel, and meal reimbursement.

Message me here to set up this talk at your company.

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Guide to My Website

Hi! I’m Sara. Thanks for coming to visit!

By now you may have gathered I publish a ton of content on the internet on financial advisor leads. But with so much to choose from (podcasts, videos, blogs, etc.), where can you find what you need?

Here’s a quick guide.


In these videos I discuss overall financial marketing strategies but do not provide actionable tips. These videos are highly entertaining and funny.

Click here to subscribe to my channel.


This is the only place in anything I publish where you can actually get practical and actionable tips about financial marketing.

For a monthly fee, I provide general guidance and advice in my other content, but to be honest if you tried to DIY based upon that it there’s not a high likelihood that you’d succeed. There are just too many details that I leave out.

It’s kind of like the famous chefs.

If Julia Child gave you her cheesecake recipe, it wouldn’t be enough – there’s no way your cheesecake would come out as good unless she gave you step by step direction and demonstrated visually.

To be real you would probably waste a lot of time trying to DIY on this.

You get three videos a month teaching you the mechanics of how to get online leads. You also get a private members webinar each month where I provide group coaching. These videos are short and to the point in my signature “no BS” style.

Click here to join my membership.

If you are the DIY type, then the Sara Grillo Membership is for you.


On my podcast I discuss overall financial industry themes and interview thought leaders such as Michael Kitces and Ron Carson. I also post my rap songs about financial marketing here. Highly entertaining and humorous but again, no practical and actionable content.

Click here to subscribe to my podcast.


I have written over 100 guest blogs for Advisor Perspectives magazine, mostly about marketing. These articles are extremely snarky. Examples: Advisor Bios Stink, How to Tell if your Website is Worthless.

Click here to visit my author page.

Which one is right for you?

If you have any questions which one is for you, please let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

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Vid 46: Humble and Gentle Messages

These are examples of messages that you should send to someone you don’t know when you first connect with the person. The tone is humble and gentle which is quite different from how 99% of people act on social media so it will get you very far. It could be used in the case of […]
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Vid 45: So you got the meeting…now what?

What do you say when you actually get a meeting with someone you meet through LinkedIn or Facebook? The big mistake many advisors make when they get a meeting online is that they assume you act the same with an online lead than you would act if it were someone you met in person at […]
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Vid 44: Emoji It Up!

As you know, I’m a bigger fan of images than words to convey your point. Try using an Emoji in your messenger communications as well as in your postings. A few words of advice would be: The more informal emojis such as hearts, etc. should be used cautiously as it may be misinterpreted by the […]
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4 Social Media Posts that Make You Look Totally Fake

Are you doing these 4 things on social media? If so you make be making yourself look phony.

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Brilliant One Sentence Elevator Pitch

Here’s a one sentence financial advisor elevator pitch that will stop you in your tracks. Thanks to my guest John Malzone for his brilliance.


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Dinner Seminars that Rock like Eddie Van Halen

Not my choice of marketing strategy, but I know many financial advisors who have done well by getting new clients through dinner seminars. Here are some tips from Mark Mersman, Chief Marketing Officer of USA Financial.

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