Technology Singularity and the Client Experience – with Ron Carson

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If you look at the difference between success and failure, many times it has to do with what we choose to spend our time on. It is that simple.

So I’m excited to have a very special guest on the show to discuss my favorite topic: avoiding distraction.

The reality is that it is no longer acceptable for clients to experience complex or confusing technology.  In our discussion, Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Group, will share how advisors can (and why they must) embrace the client demand for an immersive experience.

According to Ron, “There’s no question about the consolidation that has to happen in financial services. Most advisors have been lucky, they’ve been spared this accelerated change because of regulation. But guess what – that isn’t going to last forever.  And we’re already starting to see the changes.”

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The invisible influences shaping the profession of financial advising today
  • Why the real competition isn’t other advisors anymore – it’s Amazon
  • What an immersive technology experience really is and why consumers prefer it
  • What will happen to advisors who lag behind in terms of technology
  • What Singularity is and how it applies to the financial advising profession
  • The 3 choices that advisors who are lagging behind in terms of technology should consider

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