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Five Reasons Why Advisors Stink at Social Media

Finance is perceived as the driest and most boring industry on the face of the earth. So it’s no surprise that financial advisors whine about their failure to get anyone’s attention on social media. Yet this creates an amazing opportunity for the wise ones. Advisors who present themselves differently, even slightly, will succeed at getting noticed by their clients and prospects. Here are the five things advisors should avoid to get investors to pay attention to them online.

The One Little Guest Blog That Lit My Business On Fire

Appearing as a guest writer on someone else’s blog wasn’t something I took that seriously until a recent successful guest posting blew up my business. Here are the steps I took to get surprisingly viral results.

Four Unconventional Techniques for getting a Portfolio Management job

The most common misperception in the investment management industry is that academic credentials are the rite of passage to becoming a portfolio manager. I earned all the top designations and licenses and managed money for several years. It’s not all about having the right letters after your name.

5 Financial Advisor Blog Hacks That Will Open The Sales Floodgates

Do you ever wish you could get more sales from your blog postings? A financial advisor blog is great but the reality is that a good one takes a long time to write and most of them don’t get any shares, likes, or engagements. As any financial advisor knows, attention is the only way to get leads. If you want to open the floodgates so the sales rain down, here are the five blogging hacks I’ve found that have worked best for getting me and my clients the online attention we want.

How to Deal with Nonresponsive Leads

So you got the perfect lead. Well… at least, that’s what it seemed like at first. They’re located in your area, are seeking exactly the type of the investment advisory services your firm offers, and have expressed an interest in discussing them. So why aren’t they responding to your emails and phone calls? Don’t despair, here are the ways you can bring back the phoenix from the ashes. First I’ll explain the major reasons that prospects go cold and then I’ll cover what financial advisors can do to warm them back up.

Using Social Media Video for Financial Advisor Branding

Yeah, I said it. YouTube. While social media video (YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, etc.) used to be seen as a hobby for iPhone happy millennials, it’s quickly becoming the communication du jour for the business world. Yet despite its potential, social media video has not yet caught on with the financial advisor community, especially the ones it should – small RIA firms who need to scale their businesses. This article will discuss the financial advisor branding obstacles that many face and reveal examples of some great brands who are overcoming them.

Good Financial Advisor Branding vs. “Anti-Branding”

Branding is probably the most misunderstood aspect of financial advisor marketing. Perhaps due to heavy regulation that these firms are subject to, most financial advisors have yet to conceptualize what a brand really is, or how it can make a difference in their business. This blog will study two dominant brands and outline the aspects that make them strong. We will also discuss the elements of poor financial advisor branding (what I call “anti-branding”) that are commonly seen throughout the industry.

How the CFA changed my career

While at first, the CFA exam was a thing I did for the thrill of overcoming the huge challenge of cracking into asset management and becoming a portfolio manager, in the end, getting my CFA designation became the thing that has had the single greatest impact on my career. What I learned would have stayed with me to this day – and it goes way beyond concepts like the Markowitz efficient frontier or any of the subject matter.

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