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Calling all financial advisors, financial planners, RIA firms, insurance agents and broker dealers! Are you tired of failing to get in front of the high net worth or even ultra high net worth audience you want? Do you look at your portfolios every month end and just plain wish there were more assets to manage?

Don’t we all! Hey listen, financial advisor marketing is no joke. There are some serious challenges that, to be honest with you, require more time to overcome than many busy financial advisors and planners can truly afford.

A former Investment Advisor and principal of my own RIA firm, I know first hand what the struggles are. It was from my experience and knowledge cultivated over my ten year career in finance, including a brief stint at Lehman Brothers, that I created the perfect portfolio of marketing solutions. It includes:

  • Cold calling scripts that will get you appointments with people you never dreamed of getting time with
  • Digital advertising services that allow you to promote your brand on social media to reach Millennials and other age cohorts in a fun, voluntary setting that they are comfortable with. Ad campaigns can be tailored to reach groups who share a particular interest, job title, educational credential, domicile, and much more. Don’t worry, I know all about what not to say to avoid getting your content hung up in compliance.
  • Branded content in the form of online video or blogs that will create intrigue and show your audience how you’re not the same as every other financial advisor. I’ll bringĀ  your story to life, articular your mission, and make the audience feel that your unique presence is something they need to be a part of.
  • Seminar development campaigns to fill the room, if public speaking is your thing.

Client references are available upon request. Differentiating, lively, and compliant, Sara’s FinMarketing Center is the core holding your portfolio can’t be without. Make the trade today and get in touch!

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