Financial Advisor Marketing Workshop

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This is going to be a free, interactive financial advisor marketing workshop in which I teach you how to do things, and then we work on doing them together.

You will need to login to apps on your computer privately, and go through the steps as I teach you during this workshop.

I am limiting this to 20 people and it will be by application. If you don’t get a spot this time, there will be other workshops but I really feel it is best in terms of instilling true knowledge if we limit to small group.

I don’t want to leave anyone out so if you feel left out, please let me know and I will try to talk about alternatives to get you what you need. I plan to have more of these later.

Date: Monday, Dec 19th

Time: 12 PM ET

Workshop agenda

Each block of our financial advisor marketing workshop is 30 minutes.

Email Newsletter

This still works. I’ll cover what a good newsletter should have and how to know if yours is good, what tools to use to create your newsletter etc.


I want every single person to optimize their website and get tons of traffic from Google.


Social media is not a grandstand, it is a living, breathing ecosystem.

You’ll learn how to create a LinkedIn community by doing two things: messaging ideal community members, and posting in a way that your community will look forward to hearing from you, and respond, becoming more tight knit and engaged.

To apply

Application period is until Friday, December 16th.

Send me an email with the answer to this question:

“If I (Sara) teach you how to do all this marketing stuff, do you commit to doing it every day until it works? Do you commit to not giving up, procrastinating, or being lazy? Do you promise me this?”

Send me an email here.


You will need (don’t share with me, but need to possess privately on your own at be able to log in on your PC during workshop)

  • Newsletter software (mail chimp is free. Constant contact, etc.)
  • Website login (Squarespace, WordPress, etc.)
  • LinkedIn password
  • Your calendar or however you schedule periodic tasks