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Ignore this horrifying advice about the next recession

Ignore this horrifying advice from industry thought leaders about what financial advisors should do in the next recession.

I made this podcast in response to an article I read called, “Can a recession benefit an advice firm?” by Jeff Benjamin of InvestmentNews. Some of the things that have been said in this article by industry “thought leaders” I find utterly horrifying.

  • I think that it typifies what is wrong with our industry
  • I think it’s shallow
  • Most of all, it neglects people’s emotions and lacks a consideration for who people really are as human beings, who the clients are that financial advisors are really trying to serve.

In this podcast you’ll hear some of the quotes about what financial advisors should do in the next recession that are particularly alarming to me. You’ll also hear about what I believe is better for advice for what financial advisors should do to prepare for the next recession.

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