It’s That “ESG Thing” (Again)

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I recently made my first impact investment. It’s a gender equality ETF that invests in companies with women represented at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Although at the time I had my doubts, a year and a half later the investment has done well and I’m feeling good about supporting a cause I feel passionate about.

All of this has got me curious about that “ESG Thing.” So I asked Sterling Shea, Global Head of Wealth & Asset Management at Dow Jones, to join me and shed some light on it.

You’ll hear answers to these questions:

  • So, SRI, ESG, impact investing. What do all the buzzwords mean?
  • What is the latest academic research saying about the tradeoff between purpose and performance? Is there one?
  • Do you see high net worth and UHNW families demanding this in the future? Are they now?
  • How can advisors learn more about this?

For more information about Invest in Others, the financial advisor charity mentioned in this show, visit this page.

Intro music is Arp Bounce by Geographer