5 Independent Broker Dealer CEOs with the Best Hair

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Hair matters. In no particular order, here are the best hairstyles I see the top independent broker dealer CEOs pulling off, and how the brands they lead have benefited.

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#1 Dan Arnold of LPL

Why he made the 2019 “Best Broker Dealer CEO Hair” list

I love how Dan Arnold has hair that moves.


It’s such a departure from the stiff hair that you usually see in people in this role. This look his bio picture is soft and free flowing, nicely complimenting his oval facial shape.

What it does for the firm’s brand

His hair makes him relatable.

In this clip of Dan talking about LPL’s culture change, look at how alive he is. He’s not going for superiority here. Sporting the “no tie” look well, his understated dress and dynamic, engaging body language convey the point he’s trying to make – that LPL wants to connect with clients on a human level.

Nicely done.

Style tips if you wear this look

When you go with a longer hair style, you’ve got to constantly keep up with it. This can cross over to shaggy or windblown motif if not maintained.

Set that recurring meeting up with the barber for every 2-3 weeks otherwise you may wind up looking like you drove to work on your motorcycle.

Paul Reilly of Raymond James

Why he made the 2019 “Best Broker Dealer CEO Hair” list

I have to give it to Paul Reilly for having the highest ratio of total hair per square inch than any other broker dealer CEO I have seen. He makes every strand of it work, though!

What it does for the firm’s brand

Just like RJ’s ability to be a publicly traded company yet avoid the bulge bracket-ish feeling that people run from, Paul’s hair and mustache combo has it all together. Neat and organized with a touch of character, Paul and his firm have style.

Style tips if you wear this look

Be aware that when you have a high volume of hair included in your look, you may have to tone down other aspects of your style to avoid being too busy. Paul does this well; for example in this clip of him speaking, he’s gone with glasses with no bottom rim. Nicely balanced.

Downplay the accessories, in other words. Beard or mustache are bringing enough character to the picture.

Penny Pennington of Edward Jones

Why she made the 2019 “Best Broker Dealer CEO Hair” list

I love what Penny Pennington’s hair does for her delicate facial features. Her wispy bangs add softness and are just the right length while accentuating her eyes to convey an expression of confidence. The whole look just works.

What it does for the firm’s brand

I love how Penny is able to represent her brand as its Managing Partner powerfully as a female leader and look so stylish at the same time. Diversity and inclusion are important for a financial brand in this modern age and are an inspiration.

Style tips if you wear this look

Anytime you are using a highly styled look involving product such as gel you want to make sure not to apply too much and making it obvious. This is especially important for shorter styles.

Philip J. Sanders of Waddell & Reed

Why he made the 2019 “Best Broker Dealer CEO Hair” list

Philip Sanders makes the best hair list because of his clean cut and versatile hairstyle. As shown on his bio page, he can wear it with a side part or slightly elevated and brushed straight back for more volume.

What it does for the firm’s brand

A conservative look for a traditional kind of firm.

Style tips if you wear this look

This is the Toyota of hairstyles. It’s durable and you can get a lot of mileage out of it. However it’s not the most dynamic style.

Consider adding short sideburns if you want to give it some vavoom!

Dennis R. Glass of Lincoln Financial

Why he made the 2019 “Best Broker Dealer CEO Hair” list

First of all, what a great bio picture. Dennis looks sincerely happy and his overall vibe is warm and inviting.

The long on top style works out okay here. He’s probably applied product, but it seems like the right amount. The hair falls nicely but doesn’t seem overly floppy.

What it does for the firm’s brand

This style reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio in the 1990’s. This is cool, youthful style goes well with a brand that has over the years shifted its focus to be on empowering families rather than being the typical insurance broker.

Style tips if you wear this look

Long on top styles have to be carefully monitored to avoid poofing on the sides. If the sides get too long and start to extend past ear level, you risk losing the overall shape and having the whole thing balloon into a mushroom.

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