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Diversity in Financial Advising with Jocelyn Wright

In this episode of the Sara Grillo podcast, we discuss diversity in financial advising with Jocelyn Wright.

In this episode of the Sara Grillo podcast, my guest Jocelyn Wright of Ascension Wealth Management and I discuss the important topic of how to increase diversity in the field of financial advising. This is great advice for those who are trying to increase diversity on their team, at their firm, or for those who are advocates of diversity in general.

In this episode, listeners will learn:

[0:55] What Jocelyn is working on currently – an initiative with the American College to double the number of African American financial advisors in the profession over the next 10 years, as well as creating opportunities for women. Awesome, Jocelyn!

[2:36] What does inclusion mean?

[6:03] How diversity has been a factor in her work as a financial advisor in her own practice.

[8:31] The value of shared experience in relating to the people you serve. Example: being a female breadwinner.

[13:50] Some of the characteristics women may have that could potentially give them the ability to succeed as financial advisors.

[14:50] The one or two most effective things that are most effective in promoting diversity within financial advising.

[18:51] How compensation can be a roadblock for those entering the profession. Tips for advisors entering the profession about how to hit the ground running. Our advice on how to get the pipeline full and take advantage of all resources so that you can get established in your business quicker and financially comfortable more easily.

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