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Ep 8: Knock Out Networking with Michael Goldberg

Episode 8 is my funniest podcast so far. Today we have Michael Goldberg as my guest. Michael is the CEO of Knock Out Networking, which helps financial advisors and brokers make more “knock out”?connections. He’s also a repeat TedX speaker and an avid boxer. You should see his right hook!

Show Notes

Summer is notoriously slow for business and typically not a great time for financial advisors and brokers to win new clients. The reality is that it’s all in what you make of it. The summer slowdown is a misconception – it doesn’t have to be this way!

Here’s how to leverage the summer slowdown to your advantage, bring people’s guards down, and kick up the pace of your business development flurry of jabs and uppercuts that will make you a networking champion.

Ring the bell – ding ding ding! Let’s begin with Round One.

This episode will teach you:

  • [5:36] Avoiding being a snoozefest: how being fun and/or funny brings the best out of other people
  • [6:11] If there’s no connection, the best elevator pitch in the world is not going to do anything. How can you give people the right feeling when you meet them? Beginning the conversation in a way that promotes trust.
  • [7:42] The physical effects on someone’s body when they laugh and why it makes it easier to connect.
  • [10:53] Example of how to open up a conversation with someone you meet at a networking event
  • [12:20] How to take the conversation from social mode into a business conversation
  • [14:00] How to know when to ring the bell and end the round – the gracious way to end the conversation
  • [18:33] How to follow up with someone you met at a networking function on social media such as LinkedIn. What you should do and why you should do it within 24-48 hours.
  • [19:18] How to prep the person for follow up so that you’ll have higher probability of success reconnecting after the conversation is over. Connections do have a shelf life.
  • [20:40] An easy way to use social media to make sure you don’t forget what the conversation was about without having to go through lengthy documentation.
  • [23:20] Five action steps for successful summer networking

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